Senior Plus (9th - 12th) Rules

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Infant Jesus Basketball Division Rules
Senior Boys Plus Division 


This division is the most competitive division in our in house  program.  Rules generally follow those of varsity basketball play modified for our program.  The below clarifying points are meant to address common questions on rules or situations that may develop.  The Senior Boys Plus Division Head has final
say on rules and rule interpretations.

• Any form of defense is allowed at all times
• A team leading by a margin of 10 or more points is only allowed to defend from the half court line (no full court press) until the lead is back below 10 points 
Clock Management: 
• 4 ten (10) minute quarters, running clock  
o Clock should only stop for time outs  and other unforeseen long delays (injury, etc.) 
o Stop clock play the last 2 minutes of 2ndand 4th quarters 
o For each overtime period (OT periods continue until there is a winning team):  
o 2 Minute Stop Clock / Jump Ball / 1 timeout per team / timeouts do not carry forward to subsequent OT periods. 
• The home team will be responsible for providing someone to operate the score clock

o Each team will be responsible for providing someone to keep the scorebook
o Each scorekeeper will sit at the scorer’s table 
o The Home Book is the official book and shall govern any discrepancies in the score, foul counts, etc 
o The 2 scorekeepers will periodically verify with each other the score, fouls counts, etc

o Teams may freely substitute at any stoppage of play
o Players must check in at the scorer’s table  and enter upon the referee waving them in  

o 2 per half (1 - Full and 1 - 20 Sec)
o No carry over Coaches or players may call time outs
o If a timeout is called when a team has used all of its timeouts, the referee will issue a Technical foul to the player or coach calling for the time out

o Player fouls out after his 5th Personal Foul 
o Technical Fouls 

o Upon a player receiving his 1st technical foul, the coach will sit the player for a short period of time to allow for a cooling off period  
o Any coach or player shall be ejected after the 2nd technical foul in a game
o Technical fouls count as personal fouls
o The Division Head will review all Technical fouls issued and has the right to take  reasonable administrative action to discipline the matter  

Team Fouls 
o 7th  team foul in any half, creates a 1 and 1 situation (bonus)
o 10th team foul in any half creates a 2-shot situation (double bonus)

Disqualification (ejection) from the game 
o Any player or coach disqualified for trash talking, fighting, or receiving 2 Technical fouls will automatically be suspended for the following game 
o The individual’s actions is subject to review and discipline by the Division Head or by the Board of Directors if referred by the Division Head  
o Any player or coach who is disqualified a second time will be classified as inactive and will require Board approval to reinstate their active player or coach status 
o The Board of Directors may require the inactive player or coach to appear before them and present their case for reinstatement 

Players and Playing Time: 
o Overview: Coaches will make a best effort to ensure parity in playing time for all those in attendance and no player may play more than 30 minutes of game time (3 quarters) with the following exceptions: 
o  6 players in attendance: No player may play more than 35 minutes of game time
o 5 players in attendance: All players must play the entire game 
o 5 players must be present per team.  In an event where fewer than 5 players are present, it is at the discretion of the head coaches whether a game will be started with fewer than 5 players (configurations can include 4 on 4, or 5 on 4) or whether the team without 5 players will forfeit 
o Perceived violations should be reported to the Division Head who, if the violation can be substantiated, will either issue a warning or forfeit the game  
o Players missing an excessive number of practices / games may be subject to a reduction in playing time  
o Incorporated by reference is the Infant Jesus Basketball Code of Conduct in which this falls under the province of the Player Code of Conduct.   

o All Judgment calls are final. Only coaches can ask for rule’s clarification.

Game control: 
o Parents and spectators are expected to exhibit acceptable and proper behavior during the game.  
o If a parent or spectator exhibits unacceptable behavior, the referee will stop the game  

o The coach will speak with the parent /spectator and attempt to quell the behavior
o The game will not continue until the situation has been controlled
o The referee will issue warnings to all individuals in attendance for both teams
o A second occurrence by either the same parent or spectator or another parent or spectator from either team will result in the issuance of a technical foul and possibly the
individual’s removal from the facility 
o Coaches are expected to manage the game properly when the score becomes lopsided
o This includes altering substitution patterns, requiring a certain number of passes before shooting, holding off on 3 point shots and instead working the ball to get a layup, etc

Blood Rule:  
o No bleeding player may remain in game 
o Coaches, parent or player, when possible shall assist in cleanup and first aid 

General Game Rules:  
o No jewelry/No Profanity or Trash Talking/ No fighting (Auto ejection)
o Game jerseys will be tucked in
o Only players checked-in to the game and referees allowed on the court during game time. All coaches, players not checked-in to the game and spectators must remain off the court while the game is being played.